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Fuel active student engagement and improve math skills by playing the latest popular songs.

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Bring Make Music Count to your K-12 curriculum

Make Music Count is perfect for teachers looking for innovative ways to teach math to their students. Our curriculum is packed with culturally-responsive lessons allowing every student to reach their full educational potential.

What is Make Music Count?

Math Made Fun,
Music Made Easy

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Students learn better with interactivity

Make Music Count's supplemental STEAM and SEL curriculum and app are great for 2nd - 12th grade students

  • STEAM connection
  • Arts integrated into mathematics
  • Culturally responsive lessons
  • 100% class engagement
  • Our app shows the integration of mathematics into music lessons
  • Provides a technical way to learn foundational piano playing vs learning through music theory
  • No previous music knowledge is needed. If you can count you can play!
  • A perfect fit for 21st century enrichment programming
  • Hands on engaging learning
500+ songs Tunes added weekly

In-Lesson Instructions to help your students learn math and the piano.



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